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If you wish to cancel, send us a message and we will refund 100% up to 2 weeks before the check-in time. After this reflection period we will refund half of the total amount paid.

Check the calendar and book you holiday rental directly with your host.

Ghent is such a nice city to stay. There is a lot to visit from just walking distance. In Huis van Vletingen you will stay as a local but with the comfort as you are in a hotel.

Check the calendar and book now because you are worth a vacation! Are you hesitating to come to Ghent? Take a look at and convince yourself!

The bustling city of Ghent is more than worth a weekend away.

Believe us: the bustling city of Ghent is more than worth a weekend away. It is also ideal for a last-minute city trip. Quirky Ghent offers a captivating cultural cocktail brimming with trendy, modern city life. Ghent is a city where people enjoy life: a chill place where everything is possible and a city that feels human. The friendly, hospitable people love the good life. During your weekend in Ghent, don’t miss the opportunity to admire the world-famous masterpiece The Ghent Altarpiece by the Van Eyck brothers.