Garage box

Details about the garage box, please don’t share this link because it is private and only for you.

Dear guest, thank you for the reservation of our garage box.

Around the world, cities are making it more challenging, inconvenient and more expensive to park your car nearby your stay. With this garage box (only 100 m walk away), we hope to accommodate a worry-free stay in our lovely city.

You will find the key for the garage box next to the flat’s key card on the shelf at the entrance. With the help of some photos, we explain you the location of the garage:

When you exit the rental apartment, go left in the street and drive through this building on your left side:

Second blue garage at your left hand:

Easy to open with the key, it closes without

Good luck and enjoy your stay!

Please don’t share this page on the web because it is private and only for you.

Open the directions on Google Maps.