Design Museum Gent

Design Museum Gent is a museum in Ghent with an extensive collection of Belgian and international design.

Design Museum Gent
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Design is everywhere. Design Museum Gent makes you aware of the great impact design has on your daily life. Through the extensive collection, which runs from the fifteenth century to the present, we show the responsibility that designers, producers and consumers bear in this respect.

Design is more than form and function. It is a reflection of the thinking at that moment. From the object we learn more about culture and technology, but also about ecology, politics, mobility or gender. Each object in our collection is a layered snapshot full of fascinating stories.

But we are more than a museum. Design Museum Ghent is a meeting place for everyone with a heart for design. Makers and users. We want to strengthen the Belgian design culture and use design to highlight broader social themes such as sustainability, mobility and intelligent technology. In addition, we are investigating what role design can play in the future.

Address: Jan Breydelstraat 5, 9000 Gent
Phone: +32 9 267 99 99

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